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Rooms and flats for university students
The Advisory Service publishes online the ads of unibz students or those of incoming exchange students looking for an appropriate accommodation.
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Zimmer und Wohnungen für Universitätsstudierende
Die Studienberatung veröffentlicht Angebote für Studierende der unibz oder jene Anfragen von Studierenden, die während des Studiums oder im Rahmen eines Austauschprogrammes an der unibz auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Wohnmöglichkeit sind.
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Stanze e appartamenti per studenti universitari
Il Servizio orientamento pubblica offerte di alloggi per studenti o richieste che pervengono da parte di studenti dell'unibz che cercano un posto alloggio idoneo per la durata dei loro studi o nell’ambito di un programma di scambio presso il nostro ateneo.
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Attenzione alle truffe! Non rispondete ad offerte di stanze o appartamenti che richiedono versamenti di somme di denaro in anticipo se non è una vera cauzione!

Aufgepasst! Antwortet nicht auf Wohnungs- und Zimmerangebote, welche eine Geldüberweisung im Voraus verlangen. Es handelt sich dabei um Betrugsfälle! Damit ist nicht die Kaution gemeint!

Beware of scam ads! Don’t trust any room offers which contain requests of money to be transferred in advance! We do not mean the deposit!

15 maggio 2019

BZ: Double room for rent

Required to be student. Double room for rent in a shared flat of 4 people. € 310 Bolzano, Italy. 18 m2 shared room with two beds available from the end of May onwards: the rent per person is around 310€. The rest of the flat is spacious, has everything you need, including a big room which serves as kitchen and living room. Its located close to the station at Piani di Bolzano, there is a shared parking spot for the flatmates and a small garden. The only person living in the apartment at the moment in one of the other 2 rooms is me, I am actually doing a PhD at Eurac. The landlady can only take students, so unfortunately we cannot answer any other requests. Let me know something about you and we can arrange a meeting to see the room! Contact: