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Rooms and flats for university students
The Advisory Service publishes online the ads of unibz students or those of incoming exchange students looking for an appropriate accommodation.
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Zimmer und Wohnungen für Universitätsstudierende
Die Studienberatung veröffentlicht Angebote für Studierende der unibz oder jene Anfragen von Studierenden, die während des Studiums oder im Rahmen eines Austauschprogrammes an der unibz auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Wohnmöglichkeit sind.
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Stanze e appartamenti per studenti universitari
Il Servizio orientamento pubblica offerte di alloggi per studenti o richieste che pervengono da parte di studenti dell'unibz che cercano un posto alloggio idoneo per la durata dei loro studi o nell’ambito di un programma di scambio presso il nostro ateneo.
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Beware of scam ads! Don’t trust any room offers which contain requests of money to be transferred in advance! We do not mean the deposit!

14 settembre 2017

Looking for Flatmate in BZ!

Looking for Flatmate in BZ!
From the beginning of October, next to the train station. Single room, nearly without furniture. 450€ rent (water, gas inclusive) + 800€ deposit.
We are two male students, one is from Hamburg, the other one is from Roma. If you are interested in languages, we can offer Italian, English, German, French and Latin. We are passionate musicians with a lot of instruments in our living room, which we use to play also at nighttime. We have a quite creative style of living, sometimes we stay awake till the early morning and we invite a lot of friends to our place. Sometimes it may happen that the flat looks a little messy, but no worries, we did not totally loose control of our lives. So, if you need total silence at night or if you get panic attacks when you see dirty dishes, don't you dare to contact us!
Otherwise feel free to write us and we will become good (flat)mates. We offer an easy, tolerant and multicultural atmosphere in our shared apartment and a lot of fun! We hope to spend some good months together! see yaa
Yohan & Merlin